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Welcome traveler
It was a cold night. The former caravan had shattered some time ago. A man wearing a leather armour sat in a bar drinking. He had his right side of face tattooed and he had some scars on his face. Well trained veteran. He used to travel around and explore the world. For too long had he stayed still. Days passed and he grew weary of his current lifestyle. No longer would he want stay still. Terrors of battles and exploring the world, it was clear that he could not live without them. It was his honor. When next day came the man was busy. He went to sharpen his blades and repaired some parts of his old trusty armour. He had made his decision. He gathered a group and asked them to join for a last adventure of his. The name of his last adventure would be called Allegiance.

You are welcome to jump in traveler. Maybe your skills would prove useful.
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Advertising and recruiting

Ovrynn Silverblade, May 13, 12 5:51 AM.
Allegiance is now advertising and hoping for new members to join in. First events will be held in near future.

Allegiance is made.

Ovrynn Silverblade, May 4, 12 4:34 AM.
Allegiance was made 2.5.2012.
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